Showcase can provide you with an irrigation system that is right for your property. When visiting your property, we will evaluate for the most efficient irrigation system. At Showcase, we understand the importance of having an irrigation system to maintain your landscaped areas. We also understand the importance of conserving water and can create a system that will utilize various components to assist in the conservation of water while keeping your property lush and green.

We have knowledge in selecting the products that will address your needs. From small drip systems to complex underground sprinkler systems, our design will give the right amount of water to your trees and plant material.

We can also evaluate your existing irrigation system. An older system can use up to 40% more water than the new systems. These newer systems can reduce your water usage while increasing the water coverage.

Irrigation Services:

  • Evaluation of Property for Proper Water Coverage
  • Installation (New or Existing Systems)
  • Installation of Drip Systems
  • Installation of Clocks
  • Installation of Rain Sensors
  • Irrigation Repairs
  • Replacement Parts
Complete Irrigation Systems

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